Why The Driven Yogi?

We help enhance 200 & 300 hour teacher trainings! We offer studios multiple course options to fit their training needs so they can create a well-rounded educational experience for their trainees.

  • Access to each course for YTT duration (up to 12 students)

  • Trainings are suitable for YTT trainees AND current staff

  • Unique logins for each student for individual learning

  • In person & virtual training options available

  • Courses are certified through Yoga Alliance

Studios Using Our Trainings

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Benefits for Studios

  • Save $ on Training Overhead

    Free up thousands, yes thousands, on your training budget and reallocate those funds!

  • Stand Out from Other YTTs in Your Area

    Provide your trainees with a unique training experience, including more opportunities to grow after graduating.

  • Add Specialist Instructors to Your Training Roster

    Our teacher trainers are recognized specialists in their fields, YACEPs, and have devoted decades honing their crafts.

Want to Create a Custom Package with Multiple Courses?

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Course Options to Choose From