Create Truly Inclusive Yoga Classes

for students from various backgrounds

  • Learn common mistakes teachers make to unintentionally exclude students

  • Opportunities for deep reflection on hidden biases and ways to avoid them

  • Gain better languaging and cueing skills to make all your class speak to students from various backgrounds

  • Yogic practices that make everyone and every body feel included in your classes

  • Quizzes, role-playing, and self-care exercises throughout to support your growth and learning

Live Workshop with Aishatu

Tuesday, May 25, 5:30 pm PST

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Meet Your Instructor

Aishatu Yusuf

Student Testimonials

Eye-opening Course!

Aishatu helped open my eyes to a different perspective. This will help me as I continue to go through my daily life.

I won't ever forget her contribution to the community

I really felt that Aishatu personally connected with me, even through a screen, and she got her point across eloquently but firmly. I don't think I'll ever forget her stories or our privilege "walk" and her contributions to the community.

I see privilege in a new light

I thoroughly enjoyed the activity where we had to calculate our privilege score. It was very informative. I found her work to be really inspiring and I was so intrigued the whole time she was speaking.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • New & Experienced Teachers

    Who want to learn various ways to create inclusive, inviting spaces for all students.

  • Studio Owners

    Who want to invite new, diverse populations to their spaces.

  • Yoga Business Coaches

    Who want to use proper language in their offerings so others don't feel alienated.

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