Teach Trauma-Informed Yoga

from a socially conscious lens

  • Discover the prevalence of trauma and ways to identify it

  • Integrate in depth somatic interventions into your classes

  • Learn best practices to create safe spaces for students

  • Quizzes and self-care activities throughout to support your growth

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Meet Your Instructor

Emma Stern, Somatic Counselor & E-RYT

Student Testimonials

Emma is able to create a space that feels safe to learn and grow

Alex R.

Throughout her learning process Emma is able to create a space that feels safe to learn and grow. She masterfully weaves together practical, accessible teaching practices with her deep knowledge in somatics, trauma, identity, and the power yoga holds in our world.

I learned how to address safety issues with confidence

Catrina M.

Emma diligently addressed issues that could arise in terms of power dynamics and interpersonal relationships, and shared through personal experience the best ways to navigate any type of hiccup in your own journey, and how to come out a stronger, better teacher.

A creative and powerful teaching style

Maggie F.

Emma is truly supportive and passionate about her students. She is able to communicate with everyBODY in a way that is empowering and uplifting - both emotionally and physically.

Emma helped me find an authentic voice that was safe for myself and my students

Nate G.

I'm a male in a female-dominated industry. I had a lot of anxiety about whether my teaching would even be welcome or wanted by anyone. Through Emma's strong example of holding space for all humans, and her teaching of core ethics, she helped me find a voice that felt authentic and safe to me.

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Who Should Take This Course?

  • Teachers From All Schools of Yoga

    Who want to integrate trauma-informed principles and best practices into their classes.

  • Recent 200Hr & 300Hr Graduates

    Who want to create truly welcoming spaces for students who have experienced trauma.

  • Experienced Teachers

    Who want to learn the impact of trauma and how that translates to the yoga space.

Training FAQs

  • Is this training approved by Yoga Alliance?

    Yes! Emma Stern and The Driven Yogi are both YACEP providers. By completing this training, you will receive non-contact continuing education hours from Yoga Alliance.

  • Will I be a trauma-informed expert once I finish this training?

    Completing this training will give teachers a well-rounded understanding of what trauma is and how to incorporate this understanding into yoga classes of all styles. This training is not a substitute for an advanced degree in psychology, neuroscience, or social work. The scope of practice and scope of competence of a trauma-informed yoga teacher will be discussed in detail in this training.

  • What makes this training different from other trauma-informed trainings?

    This training encourages teachers to teach trauma-informed yoga from a socially conscious lens, in addition to discussing how identity, power, and positionality play a necessary role in working with trauma. This training gives teachers tools to bring trauma-informed care into public settings, as well as discusses common teaching scenarios all teachers can expect to experience.

  • What does it mean to be a trauma-informed yoga teacher?

    Being a trauma-informed yoga teacher means you have an education shaped around an understanding of trauma and how to navigate in relation with someone who may be experiencing the physical, mental, and emotional experience of trauma.