Teach Alignment with Confidence

E-RYT 500 Whitney Walsh will teach you anatomy strictly as it applies to movement in yoga. Rather than study anatomy in a clinical sense, you will look at real bodies to help you understand the main muscles and key joints that need to be active while doing certain yoga poses. This class will give 200 and 300-hour YTT graduates the ability and confidence to teach proper alignment and cueing to their students so they can have a healthy and sustainable yoga practice.

Students who take this class will receive Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP) Credits

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Student Testimonials

"Whitney Really Knows Her Stuff!"

Joy Ermita, 200hr Teacher

This training was useful in helping me understand unique ways to use props and what specific muscles need to be engaged to come into proper alignment in poses. Whitney really knows her stuff!

"I recommend Whitney’s training to every type of yoga teacher!"

Amy W., 200hr Teacher

It was extremely helpful to see Whitney demonstrate on bodies that needed common corrections in classes. Seeing and hearing the hands-on and verbal adjustments will help me be a better teacher for my students. I recommend Whitney’s training to every type of yoga teacher!

"I'll be a better teacher because of this training"

Jeremy Darwin, 200hr Teacher

My favorite part of the training was assists you can give students to get them into handstands safely. Also the lesson on external rotation of the thighs to make room for the greater trochanter. Whitney’s instruction has helped me with my personal practice and her lessons will help me become a better teacher, too.

"Some parts of this training really blew my mind!"

Omri A., 200hr YTT Graduate

I took this training to learn how to translate anatomy into yoga alignment. Some parts of this training really blew my mind! Whitney is really good at clarifying and helping to visualize complex concepts for a safer practice in various body types.